The Women of WAPR

Last night I had the opportunity to see Alexander Showcase Theatre’s production of “A Christmas Carol”. It was performed as a radio play, which comes off as a ‘show within a show’. Bias alert: I was in the first 2 (of 4) radio play productions by AST. I was a jingle singer and voice actor during the two runs of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. So yes, I obviously like the radio play concept, so to keep my bias out of it, I won’t specifically talk about the concept.

What really stood out for me in this particular production was the women. They killed it! Whether it was doing a wide variety of voices on mic (both male and female and of all ages!) or playing up their radio station characters in the background, I can pretty much guarantee that 90% of the show I was watching a woman.

The Jingle Singers were cute & girly and sang some awesome jingles. They would strut around the stage in their sexy 1940s outfits and seductively fix their stockings, and if I, as a straight woman, couldn’t take my eyes off them, I can only imagine how the people who are attracted to women were feeling in the audience. Wowsers!!


Erin Mouchian had me cackling with laughter (apparently she heard me!) when she played one of the young Cratchit boys. And then she did a 360 on me and pretty much had me salivating in the audience as she and Matthew Payne heated things up in the alley during a very tender and romantic scene together. She is such a talented and versatile actress.

The lovely Nina Mason has a sexy, flirty sorta of mean-girl thing going as her radio station character Kathleen Robinson. She sure knows how to “work” her costume and garner the attention of all of those watching her. Then she goes and throws you for a loop as she eagerly clobbers her way to the mic to portray the voice of a young, goofy boy.

As an actress, I know that if I’m sharing this stage with a child or an animal, I may as well not bother showing up because they are going to steal the spotlight. And that’s just what Sophie Goldman did when she walked on stage for Act 2. This adorable second grader charmed the audience as Tiny Tim and was such a little professional! She was on stage for all of Act 2 and sat like a little lady on the floor, played cards with 3 big men at the grownups table and walked up for her cues on mic like she was a veteran of the theatre.

Additional Shout-outs:

1. To Sharon Zehavi for flirting it up with her real-life husband on stage and learning how to play the violin just for this show.

2. To Robby Burko for writing such delightful and entertaining jingles.

3. To Maurizio Curto, on his stage debut, for charming me (and I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience) and showing off your new-found acting chops.

4. The Beth Roher who is truly the most remarkable talent! She is a beautiful painter and her scenic art on the sets is truly what transforms you into another era.

Congratulations to all cast, crew and creative team involved in AST’s “A Christmas Carol”. What a delightful holiday treat!

(Photo by Vincenzo Sestito and Editing by Woman’s Touch)


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