When I go to show, it takes me maybe 30 minutes to decide who I’m going to write about and why. Typically, I know if I going to like an actor by about the 3rd note they sing. I come home at the end of the night, poor myself a glass of scotch and write. It takes me maybe 20 minutes to do each blog. But tonight, I’m stumped.

(drinks scotch and stares off vacantly into the distance)

I am stumped for a good reason, I promise. The reason is that there were so many amazingly talented performers and elements of Marquee Productions’ “The Little Mermaid”, that I don’t know what to write about.

(drinks more scotch and stares  even further off vacantly into the distance)


Ok so I guess I’ll break with my usual format and just talk about everything I liked, in no particular order. I’ll keep it brief and entertaining!

Sydney Nicholson – Ariel – I hear you are in high school still? Girl….you were AH-MAZING! Seriously, if your voice is this good now, I cannot wait to see what you are doing in 5-10 years. Congrats on carrying an iconic role and show on your shoulders with class and poise. You were a true Disney princess up there tonight.

Diane Cobbold – Ursula – What a fantastic role! OMG I wish I was an alto so that I could sing this role one day. Diane surprised me. I know her slightly and only as an amazing backstage helper, and she strut out on stage (tentacles and all!) and commanded your presence and thoroughly entertained us all.

Sheryl Thomas  – Producer – I have never talked about a Producer before. It’s hard as an audience member to really appreciate what the producer has done. But in the case of Marquee Productions there is no doubt what Sheryl has accomplished with each show she does. Her fingerprint is on everything and the show is always better for it.

Mary Bowden – Music Director – There are some really beautiful harmonies in this show and I find that chorus harmonies are often pushed aside after choreography is taught and forgotten about. Not in this case, I am happy to say! Mary did an excellent job of teaching the harmonies but more importantly making sure they were heard (SHOUT OUT to whoever was running the sound board!)

Jeff Stephenson – Scuttle – What a super fun role and the creative team definitely found the right guy to play it! Jeff is tall & lanky and floated awkwardly around the stage while playing Scuttle, the loveable, goofball seagull who befriends a mermaid. He coupled well with….

Shira Mitchell Forsyth – Sebastian – There are so many words to describe Shira that I can’t seem to choose. I’ll start with comedic genius, then move onto crab-tastic (see what I did there?!!) and end with stellar performer. She was a crab through and through. I don’t quite know how she accomplished that, but accomplish it she did and I gotta say, she looks good in red.

Additional Shout outs:

  1. To Madison Torkoff for an adorable portrayal of Flounder. You might be the cutest part of this entire show!
  2. To Bob Rothmel for his clever tap choreography in the Les Poissons  and to Jordan Sharp & the ensemble for pulling it off with style.
  3. To Kellie Anderson, Ellen Cotton, Sadie Harrison, Kimberly Koumbiadis, Cristina Pietrantonio and Kendra Stevenson who played Ariel’s hilarious sisters. You all looked freakin’ beautiful and O.M.G. your voices sound stunning together!
  4. To Jeff McAlister whose voice is so pretty that I want to curl up in it with a good glass of wine and a romance novel.
  5. To Tyler Winder and Devlin Cousins as the conniving Flotsam & Jetsam. True triple threats: Excellent dancers, singers and some amazing mask work from these very talented actors.
  6. To the village of good Marquee citizens who created the absolutely colourful, innovative and visionary costumes, you my dear friends are the real heroes of this production. Without your effort and imagination, Ariel’s world could not have been brought to life!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the cast, crew & creative team of Marquee Productions’ “The Little Mermaid”! It runs March 30, April 1, 6, 7, 8 @ 7:30pm and April 1, 2, 8, 9 @ 1:00pm at Newmarket Theatre. Get you tickets online at http://www.nettix.ca or by phone at 905-953-5122.


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