An Afternoon in October

I’m out of scotch. This the 14th show I have reviewed and when sitting down to write each of the ones before this, I drink scotch. But I’m out of scotch, so I’m drinking amaretto. So let’s see how this plays out…

Tonight, after almost two months away from the world of community theatre, I was brought back into the fold at Scarborough Players’ “Deathtrap”! This is a play about writing the play you are watching. There are so many twists, turns and surprises that I’m going to need to be careful not to give anything away. Like when %%%% pulls out the &&&&&&&& and points it at ********** and then ########### screams and reacts by ^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!! Total surprise!


Let’s dive right in and talk about Mr. Clive Lacey, a delightful gentlemen who did a stand up job of portraying playwright Sidney Bruhl. He was charming, cynical, and at times alarming. Clive was really invested in playing Sidney. I don’t know Clive, but I never once felt like I was watching him. It always felt like I was watching this very deep and twisted character.

Mr. Nicholas Wicht played young Clifford Anderson and started out just as sweet and innocent as can be, but then took us all for a ride as his character developed with layer upon layer. All of these layers I cannot discuss as they would give away the mystery of the show, but trust me when I say, I saw none of them coming. Kudos to Nicholas for ensuring I remained as ignorant as possible throughout the whole show until I was smacked in the face with the truth.



Ms. Erin Jones portrayed the psychic next door, Ms. Helga Ten Dorp (because what murder mystery is complete without a person who predicts the murder before it happens). Erin is a very clever actress. Her comedic timing was spot on and her accent was hilarious (although I still can’t figure out where she was from, but I’m pretty sure that was part of the point!). She used the physicality of her character so well and was raking in the laughs hand over fist.

Another's Notion with ERIN LENEEUW  15492033_10155515678084428_6746015941274663472_n

Peta Bailey convincingly played the role of Myra 
Bruhl, attentive and devoted wife to struggling 
playwright, Sidney Bruhl. Peta was strong and 
steady while building layers of emotion in 
Myra's attempt to thwart a murderous event from 
occurring. Peta infused this character with believable moral 
dilemma, guilt, and internal crisis. A powerful and persuasive 
performance. Well done, Peta! 


Additional Shout-outs:

  1. To Frank de Francesco for the seemingly unimportant role of Porter Milgrim, that soon deems himself to be quite important indeed.
  2. To Jocelyn Henderson for a simply beautiful set.
  3. To Katherine Turner for her wonderful coordination of the costumes and props. They helped to bring Jocelyn’s set to life as the actors wove us through the many ups and downs of their fated lives.
  4. To Meg Gibson for a truly well directed show.


A huge congratulations to the cast, crew and creative team of Scarborough Players’ mysterious production of “Deathtrap”. Be sure to find time to see this show over the long weekend (June 30-July 2) and next 2 weekends as well (July 6-9 and 13-15). You can get your tickets by calling 416-267-9292 or at


Photography by Thomas Kowal


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